Honda Oil Change in Hazelwood, MO

If there was a "Car Service 101" class, the first lesson would be about the importance of routine oil changes. If you're looking to keep your Honda vehicle in road-ready condition, it is vital to keep up with your car's regular oil changes. At Bommarito Honda near St. Louis and St. Charles, Missouri, our trained Honda technicians will get rid of the old oil in your engine and add new, fresh oil. 


What is an Oil Change and Why Should You Get One?

The concept of getting your car's oil changed on a regular basis is common knowledge to car owners. However, you may not be certain why exactly you should be taking your car to the service center two or three times a year. Due to exposure to air and moisture, the oil in your engine becomes less effective in its roles as an engine coolant and lubricant. If you're looking to extend the overall lifespan of your car, truck, or SUV, regular oil changes can prevent costly engine repairs down the road.

The rule of thumb regarding oil change frequency is usually every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Of course, the actual time frame for getting your oil changed depends on your car's manufacturer, vehicle model, and condition. The type of oil you use for your car also plays a role in determining when you should next get your oil changed. If you're unsure about whether or not your Honda car, truck, or SUV is due for its oil change, call up the Bommarito Honda service center to speak with one of our ASE certified mechanics today!

Schedule an Oil Change at Bommarito Honda

At the Bommarito Honda service center, we're committed to providing quality auto care to drivers in the greater St. Louis, MO area. From detailed car repairs to regular auto maintenance, such as Honda oil changes, our trained auto technicians are ready to service your car while you relax in our comfortable waiting area. Are you in a hurry and need to squeeze an oil change into your busy schedule? With Honda Express Service, you can quickly get your oil changed without an appointment. If your Honda vehicle is in need of an oil change, don't hesitate to drop by our service center or to schedule your next auto service appointment at Bommarito Honda in Hazelwood, MO.


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