Honda Roadside Assistance near St. Louis & Hazelwood, MO

24-Hour Assistance, Seven Days A Week

Honda will make sure you make it home safe and sound.  The new 24-hour Honda Roadside Assistance program offers services and compensation designed to provide all the information and help needed to go get you where you need to be.

The program is included in all 3-year/36,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty terms, beginning with all 2015 Honda vehicle models.

Call the toll-free number 1-866-864-5211 24 hours a day, seven days a week to dispatch a service person to your location.

Roadside Assistance Services:

  • Lockout Service* (The program covers owners up to $100 for emergency lockout services)
  • Fuel Delivery*  (Two gallons provided, not to exceed twice in a calendar year.  Requires VIN at time of service request)
  • Winch or Tow Vehicle
  • Alternate Transportation Assistance
  • Change a Flat Tire with the Honda Vehicle's Spare Tire
  • Assistance with use of the Tire Repair Kit (TRK)
  • Battery Jump
  • Arrange to Transport the Vehicle to Nearest Honda Dealership

Stuck Without Your Honda For AN Extended Period of Time?

Honda Roadside Assistance is prepared for that too.  We offer services specifically designed to take care of an extended emergency situation.

Reimbursement For Trip Interruption*

Food, lodging, alternate transportation, a rental vehicle and/or commercial transportation are taken care of with a $300 reimbursement consideration for your expenses.  
(Honda Roadside Assistance provides reimbursement consideration for up to $300 in expenses incurred during the first three days following a vehicle disablement that occurs 100 miles or more away from the Honda Owner'r primary residence.  $100 per day for three days maximum.  Costs for re-uniting the Honda owner with the vehicle are included in the the total of $300 maximum benefit.  This is to cover costs such as food, lodging, alternate transportation and a rental and or commercial transportation.

Assistance securing transportation and lodging*

Upon request, Honda Roadside Assistance will attempt to secure a rental vehicle or taxi and emergency landing.  (Any 3rd party cost - such as vehicle rental, taxi, lodging, flight fares, etc - associated with the rendering of the Trip Continuation Services shall be done by the driver requesting such service

Message Relay

Spouses or colleagues with provided telephone numbers can be easily contacted and updated with important messages.

Directory Assistance

For your convenience, Honda Roadside Assistance will provide the location of nearby service stations, ATMs & banks, as well as airline flight times and fares.  Telephone numbers, addresses and directions will also be available.

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