Trade-In Your Car at Bommarito Honda

Here at Bommarito Honda, we'll buy your car!

(You don't even have to buy one from us...)

The Bommarito Honda Trade In Trade Up program. 

It's a simple and easy 3 step process!

Step one: Bring in your car for a free, professional, no obligation appraisal!

Appointments are welcome, but not necessary.

Our friendly Bommarito Honda staff will guide you through our free process.


Step two: Your car will be appraised by one of our Bommarito Honda appraisers!

You will receive your offer in as little as 20 minutes.

The appraiser will check specific conditions that affect your car, such as mileage, its make and model, and any interior and exterior damage. Along with other market factors, this will help in determining your offer.

Make sure to browse our extensive selection of new, pre-owned, and Honda Certified Pre-Owned vehicles while you wait!

Step three: Get a written offer for your car!

The offer will be good for seven days at Bommarito Honda Superstore.

You can sell us your car or take the offer and think it over.

What to bring with you:

Your Car!

The title to your car, or any payoff information. The person listed on the title must be present.

Valid Registration

Valid photo ID or Drivers License

All Keys, Remotes, and accessories for your car.

Frequently asked questions: FAQ's:

Q: Will Bommarito purchase cars with high miles?
A: Bommarito is the largest automotive group in Missouri and with 20 dealerships, we have many connections with several wholesalers as well to help get you the top market value for your vehicle.

Q: What if I cannot find the title?
A: Don't worry, we can help you file a duplicate title request right here at the dealership.

Q: If it has damage on the vehicle, should I bring the repair estimate.
A: Bringing the repair estimate is always good so we know quickly how much the estimate was. This could help save time.

Q:  What are the benefits of selling my car to Bommarito versus a private party?
A:  Several things you can count on by dealing with a well established family owned and operated business like the Bommarito Automotive Group.
*You know who you are dealing with versus someone that can be running some type of scam or that will constantly be contacting you after the sale harrasing you about the car you just sold.
*You can be assured our check will be good when you deposit it in the bank. 
*You can be assured all legal paperwork will be done and you will not have to worry about having the right paperwork or a notary witnessing the sale.
*You will not have to worry about a buyer coming back to you asking for their money back or additional repairs to the car you just sold.

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